Developer Background


From the age of 16, I have been working in the media technology field.  My first exposure to the industry came from tinkering around in the early days of the internet and creating a fan site for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo video game.  Despite being self-taught, my site was recognized as an official fan site, and my passion for digital media was born.

Starting with basic HTML, I began building websites for public schools and various government programs.  At the age of 16, I was named the Lead HTML Programmer for the development team building the City of Deltona, FL’s first website.  These experiences allowed me to learn the process of taking a project from concept to completion, working with various clients with individual needs, and the importance of meeting deadlines.

Around this time, Macromedia came out with a program called Flash which would take my passion for digital media to another level.  Watching that first animated ball bounce around the screen and then coding the first function to make it react to a mouse click sparked a passion for HCI and application development.  From the early days of ActionScript, my programming journey began.

In college, I was exposed to JavaScript, Lingo, more ActionScript, SQL, and PHP.  While it was just a start, it fueled the fire, and after graduation I continued to expand my skills to include C++, VB, C#, Java, and more.  My journey has taken me from humble HTML to advanced object-oriented programming for mobile applications.

Currently, my client projects range from custom applications for the trade show industry to cutting edge technologies such as Google Glass development for medical applications.  In addition, I continue to create and maintain media presences on web and mobile platform utilizing backend data systems, front end development, and native mobile code.


Languages and Skills


Object-Oriented Programming Techniques: AS3, C#, JAVA, PHP5.3+

Front-End Design & Development: JavaScript & jQuery, HTML/5, CSS/3

Server-Side and Backend Development: ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQLServer, SQL/TSQL, JSON/XML

Mobile Design and Development: Android, Google Glass, Titanium SDK

API Integration: FedEx, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Parse, Square, G+, etc

Streaming Protocols and Media Interfacing: Flash Media Server, Red5, RTMP, HTML5 Video

Media Creation and Content Editing: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, After Effects

Marketing and Identity Development: Logo and Branding, Demographics, Ad Campaigns


Project Highlights


Graphic Inertia LLC – President & CEO

  • Founded multimedia design firm specializing in interactive and web development
  • Notable Projects:
    • Ecolab Interactive – Touch interactive allowing users read descriptions, watch videos, and experience Ecolab sanitary solutions
    • Audi Automotive Interactive – Multi-touch interactive built for the 2010 North American auto show marketing campaign to capture user data and engage customers on the trade show floor by allowing them to find a dealer, build a car, or email an application-captured picture of themselves in front of featured Audi automobiles
    • American Express Interactive – Touch application showcasing the American Express Blue program advantages to trade show attendees
    • DRS Technologies Interactive – Multiplatform application which allowed the user to participate in security scenarios demonstrating real-world product applications interactively
    • BD Touch interactive – Touch application showcasing various technologies and service offerings at corporate events
    • Czarnowski Exhibit Services Capabilities Interactive – Utilized dynamic data feeds to build an immersive application showcasing company capabilities for potential clients as well as in-house marketing
    • Czarnowski Exhibit Services CharityMatch mobile game that would allow show attendees to play a game to match their personality to a charitable organization and log data for marketing demographics
    • Mitsubishi Interactive – Marketing application developed to showcase Mitsubishi design solutions in automotive technology
    • GetSynchronicity – Multiplatform modular training application intended to reduce overhead in training new employees and improve productivity

Tonger Industries – Senior Developer / Creative Director

  • Redesigned website front-end resulting in 300% increase in revenue while reducing bandwidth by 50%
  • Implemented object-oriented backend principles to enhance server performance and reduce operating costs
  • Developed in-house application for catalog management allowing for growth of over 200% without an increase in staff
  • Designed and developed Internet marketing campaigns and formed strategic alliances with various online retailers

Trigger Inc. – Interface Developer / Lead Designer

  • Developed interfaces for custom satellite technology solutions including PlaneSight video and position tracking system
  • Developed web applications to market Trigger and its respective individual product properties

One Control Home Automation – Interface Developer / Creative Director

  • Designed and developed touch screen interfaces for home automation control devices with customizable skins and functionality
  • Integrated various APIs through the application interface such as home security systems, VOIP systems, maps, media content and guides, etc.
  • Developed web application which enabled remote configuration, access, and set up of home automation systems
  • Developed corporate identity and marketing strategies
  • Built and maintained company and product customer-facing website